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What is a Chartered Financial Consultant?

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It is certainly not easy to be a chartered financial consultant and speaking of understanding the job, there are few important affairs that you should look into. First of all, it is the significance of being a financial consultant. Anyone can assign such titles to themselves as basically there is no specific academic requirement. Yes, there may be certain licenses that one should possess before being able to offer financial planning services to people. Recently there is a revelation that there are scams involving billions of dollars done by financial consultants. As such, you should beware of the experts’ credibility and personal ethics before deciding upon utilizing their professional skills.

Many designations such as the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CLU (Certified Life Underwriter), and CFP (Certified Financial Planner) are professionals in the planning of finance industry that have undergone extensive training, being educationally certified and equipped with several years of experience. These credentials are important to give a view to people to differentiate between a chartered financial consultant and a self-claim professional. This is important to ensure they deal with a certified expertise to handle their financial affairs. With such strict requirements, government will also be able to control the integrity and quality of financial planners.

Do not make prompt judgments of a professional planner before you seek financial planning services from them. You should not hesitate to understand their backgrounds such as their designations, the services they provide, what institutions they graduated from and what benefit they might enjoy from your situation. You can also contact the awarding organization to make confirmation that the person’s credentials are not self-made.

Getting a proper planning from a chartered financial consultant may extract a certain figure from your bank account but it should be appropriate considering their education covers a wide field of knowledge that include taxation, accounting, insurance, economics, ethics, estate planning and investing. There are three examinations related to such fields to pass and must have at least three years of experience before they become a licensed financial consultant.

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How to Raise Your Consulting Fees

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As a service provider, I am pretty sure that one of your goals in offering consulting services is to make enough money so you can sustain your business, enjoy a better life, be able to buy the things that you need, and later on, enjoy financial freedom. This is the reason why I suggest that you consider raising your consulting fees. This will surely take you a couple of steps closer to your goal. However, be very careful when doing this. Ensure that you only take calculated steps and risks so you can be assured that this will not affect your business in a negative way.

Here’s how you can easily raise your consulting fees:

First thing to do is to make sure that your customers are loyal to you. You need to find out if your customers are willing to stick it out with you even if you choose to increase your consulting fees. You can do this by conducting surveys and by interviewing at least 30% of your customer base.

Position yourself as an expert and the best in your chosen niche. Just like any typical buyer, your prospective customers will surely not mind spending more money on your services if they know that they’re doing business with someone who is considered the best. So, position yourself as the most knowledgeable in your niche. You can do this by continuously showcasing your knowledge using content-based marketing solutions. It will also help if you host teleseminars and if you offer free consulting sessions. Don’t forget to ask your previous customers to leave positive feedback on your website and get authorities in your chosen niche to endorse you.

Build a good reputation online. Building an excellent image in the online arena is time-consuming and overwhelming but this is one thing that you can do to be able to increase your tag prices without losing your customers. Start by making sure that all the people you’ve done business with are 100% happy with your services. Offer them more than their money’s worth and always offer further assistance. Calling them up after your transaction and asking if there’s something that you can do to enhance their working experience with you will surely make a lot of difference. Do this all the time and you’ll slowly be known as someone who means business in making your customers happy. Believe me, your efforts will pay off in no time at all.

Offer improved version of your services. Your customers will surely welcome the price change with open arms if you offer them improved version of your consulting services. What I suggest is that you offer free products and other services. For example, you can give your customers access to valuable resources where they can find the most appropriate solutions to the common problems that they face. You can also offer additional consulting sessions or freebies like ebooks. These people will surely appreciate you more for doing so.

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What Can a Colour Consultant Do For You?

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You have come across the term colour consultant but what do they actually do? A colour consultant is a person that is trained in colour analysis. They help people by showing then the benefits in using colours correctly. They can show you how and why there are colours that can detract from your looks making you pasty and ill while other colours can give you a healthy, youthful look.

A colour consultant is regarded as part of the helping profession. When changes occur in a woman life such as a divorce, loss of a loved one or illness a colour consultant is there to empower the client, making them feel confident in themselves, making them look good and feel wonderful

Throughout your Colour Consultation you will find out:

·         What your basic undertone such as  (Cool or Warm)

·         What season you fall into (Winter or Summer/ Spring or Autumn)

·         Your Flow (Deep, Light, Cool, Warm, Clear or Soft)

·         The required level of contrast in your clothes and hair colour

·         The fabrics that best suit you

·         What fabrics are best suited to your body shape

·         Which patterns are best suited to you

·         Instruct you how to use your colour swatch

The colour consultation will take around 90 minutes. By the end of the consultation you will have witnessed the effects that the correct colours have on your complexion as well as have an understanding of why they work for you. A swatch of 50 plus colours will be given to you. You are only limited by your imagination on how you should wear these colours. When you select clothes that are worn close to the face your “right colours” they will have an absolutely positive impact on your face. So have faith in the swatch an use it religiously when shopping. This also includes the purchases of accessories, i.e earrings, necklaces and scarves, and make-up.

To have a beautiful swatch of colours is one thing but now are able  to apply the things that you have learnt and apply it to the clothes in your wardrobe and to all the clothing and make-up purchases you will make in the future. Saving you hundred of dollars.

Developing a wardrobe which is colour correct and coordinated takes time

If your wardrobe is filled of the incorrect colours, make every new purchase a right one and before long the wardrobe will come together with clothes that look great on you and that you love.

With the help of a colour consultant you will discover your true colours and will shop smart and efficiently with a mistake ratio of zero. You will ultimately have a wardrobe full of favorites and 100% effective instead of wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time.

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Picking the Right Brand Consultancy Service for Your Business

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Whether your business is a startup or a full-fledged enterprise, brand design is of utmost importance. At the very beginning you may feel that providing quality services and products is all that matters and that’s the reason most people don’t put in much thought when picking a name. However, as your business grows and prospers – that is, when it enters the wider markets; the brand name plays a really crucial role.

Therefore, whether you’re planning on starting a new business or you just want to rebrand an existing one, there is a lot that you need to consider as the world of brand consultancy is really complicated. Picking the right name could take lots of time and efforts; however there are plenty of brand consultancy services available that would help you pick the right brand name.

Of course the name is really important, but that’s not all that brand consultancy services focus on. Instead, they look into all the aspects that would affect your overall business such as your brand message and tag lines. Your tag line should represent the services you offer and at the same time they would need to be catchy.

These days each and every business needs and online presence and therefore the setting up of a business or blog is really important as well. Hence, branding agencies help you pick the right domain name that doesn’t just represent your business but also helps you in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so as to rank your website higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Of course you could do all this yourself, but a minor mistake today would be visible only after months or years and they would be really hard to correct down the line. Therefore, from the very beginning hire experts to do the job for you. But, when choosing a service, make sure to pick the right ones.

Factors to consider when picking a brand consultancy service:

  • The overall size of your business – Depending on the size of your business and future projections you would need to decide whom to pick. If you’re only focusing on the local market, brand name may not be vital. But, if you want to enter the global market – this is all that matters.
  • Your budget – Make sure to pick a service within your budget, it’s not wise to spend a huge chunk of your cash on these services.
  • Whether or not the consultancy service has a good reputation – Do a bit of research and read reviews written by others. Also check out the brand names and taglines that the service has come up with.

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Consultative Sales Skills For Women in Real Estate

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Consultative sales skills for women aren’t really just for women. But it’s often easier for women to embrace these skills by tapping into their empathy and service-minded orientation to sales, rather than the combat metaphors so prevalent in many traditional sales methodologies (beat the competition, hammer them on price, etc). Consultative sales focuses on connecting, nurturing, and supporting….but shrewdly and by design. Otherwise you make a lot of friends but not a lot of sales.

Selling Consultatively…Or Not?

What’s interesting is that when I ask someone from the traditional sales mindset if they sell consultatively, they always say yes. When I ask them what consultative selling is, they will tell me it’s about building rapport and relationship. So far, so good. Then there’s often a pause, after which they add…so we can beat the competition, hammer them on price, etc. In other words, many salespeople pay lip service to consultative selling without really understanding it.

When I ask salespeople what the most important skill in consultative selling is, almost 100% will tell me “asking questions.” Yet in my practice, I can show you salespeople who ask questions all day long and fail to build an ounce of rapport. The point is, it’s not asking questions that makes you consultative. It’s not educating or advising either.

How to Really Sell Consultatively

Consultative sales means asking “them-focused” questions rather than “self-serving” questions. It’s using these questions to help people process their decisions…without selling at all until you’ve received their “permission.” It’s about knowing the stages of thinking they’ll go through and how to move them through these stages. And it’s knowing how to gain their permission without being aggressive or having to wear iron underwear to “close” them.

Six Unique Skills for Selling Consultatively

I have identified six consultative sales skills that can be learned in order to master sales without pressure:

1. Asking counseling questions
2. Helping prospects address their own objections
3. Using a decision protocol
4. Embracing the hourglass approach
5. Chaining questions
6. Gaining permission to close

These proven openhanded selling skills help both men and women in sales to move away from the aggressive approach that tends to push customers away, making it harder for you to grow your business.

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Acing the Numerical Reasoning Test of Management Consulting

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A numerical reasoning test gauges not only how well you can deal with numbers. More sigificantly, it measures your ability to analyze, interpret data and think logically. This ability is a pre-requisite for positions, such as management consultants, who need to deal with financial reports, salary structure, market figures and other quantitative documents. They need to go over the information meticulously to be able to generate effective and practical solutions for their client.

This is the reason why many firms administer the numerical reasoning test to applicants. For recruiters, it is an effective tool that distinguishes the best from the good ones. If you are scheduled for this test, make the most of it. Management consulting is a very popular career; so many applicants would go an extra mile just to get a position in this industry. There are specific ways to prepare for this challenge, and they are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

The first thing to do is to reinforce your basic mathematical concepts. If you’ve already mastered the MDAS (multiplication, division, addition and subtraction) rule, then proceed with answering ratio, fraction, percentage and word problems. Since you’ve already passed this subject in high school, this won’t be an overwhelming preparatory step. All you must do is to open a math textbook, familiarize the rules and answer some exercises.

Gain knowledge of reading tables and graphs, too. You must know when to use them and how to interpret the included data. Do not disregard the description or legend integrated in the problem; otherwise, you’ll come up with wrong assumptions and answers. It is preferable that you become skilled at this. Since this is what professional management consultants do, many interpretation questions will definitely come out in this test.

There’s also a need to improve your computation speed. What makes the numerical reasoning test tough is its time limit. As you practice answering mathematical questions for mastery, try to monitor your pace. This will help you in dealing with the pressure during the actual examination. Utilizing math tricks is another way of speeding up your computation. Look for some shortcut methods on the Internet and see if they’re applicable to the problems you encounter. Using mental math is another tactic to boost your efficiency. Through the power of your mind, you can reduce the need for hand calculations, thereby saving yourself some time for the more difficult items.

You can also enhance your numerical skills through games. During your free time, grab a Sudoku puzzle or a Rubrics cube and do the challenge. Games for mental exercise are also available online. Performing these exciting activities during your free time keeps your memory and sharpness at a high level. Because they stir your mind, they prepare you for any difficult, intellectual challenge.

Being mindul of the things happening around you is the most practical way of enhancing your numerical reasoning ability. When you dine out at a restaurant you frequent, try to compute its monthly income based on the menu and the number of customers. When you go shopping, estimate how much you need to pay for the items in your basket even before you reach the counter. When a new shop opens in your city, guess if it will survive in the next ten years based on figures. Using these common situations in preparing for your numerical reasoning test can be beneficial on your part.

For the last tip, practice as much as you can. There are tons of free resources on the Internet, and you can also buy some reviewers at bookstores. This gives you self-assurance on the examination day. Further, it also makes the test easier since it increases the chance of encountering similar or familiar items. Practice is the best way to learn, and that’s perhaps the reason why it’s always placed beside perfection.

When you enter the testing center a few minutes befor the schedule, be calm. As you answer the items, stay focused. Just bear in mind that you can do it. At times, all it takes is the right mindset to ace the test.

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Lost Your Job? How About Small Business Marketing Consulting?

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Did you know that losing your job may actually be good for you if it forces you to go out on your own by starting a small business marketing consulting venture. Most wealth creation experts point out that the single biggest mind virus which prevents people from achieving great wealth is their desire to land a job in some big company.

While this approach may pay for your daily needs, your income is limited to a fixed monthly paycheck while committing most of your time to a single employer. Worse, your life seems to depend on just one source of income which you may lose when the company you work for goes down, reorganizes, cuts cost or simply decides to let you go.

Advantages of small business consulting

Low initial capital

The single biggest deterrent to starting a business is lack of capital, but not if you start small and deliver a service for a fee. Former employees who are affected by company downsizing, along with retirees who stepped off the corporate ladder possess valuable know-how and experience that other people need.

All you need to set-up a small business marketing consulting service is a couple of contacts, referrals, a phone and a computer with an internet connection. You can keep your overheads low by working from home.

Pre-paid work

As a consultant, you get paid in cash before you even start to work for a client. With a pre-paid service, you won’t experience the usual headaches that accompany chasing overdue accounts and avoid wasting valuable time on an account that turns out to be non-paying.

Being your own boss

While you will still need to spend some time working as a consultant, you have the freedom to choose your hours of work, how you spend your time and where you work. Working mothers and those with multiple clients and businesses find this set up extremely advantageous.

You decide when to work and when to take a break without counting how much vacation time you have left. Being your own boss, however, still requires discipline in order to manage your time and remain efficient.

Recurring monthly income

Consulting creates multiple and recurring income streams. Unlike most sales activities, small business marketing consulting brings in a recurring monthly income for as long as your client needs you. You make your consultancy sales pitch once and you collect a monthly regular fee afterward.

You don’t need to be employed forever to earn a steady income or to become rich. Losing a job or retiring from it should not mean the end of the road for you. By embarking on small business marketing consulting work, it is possible to earn much more than what your previous employers paid for your skills.

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CCTV installation London

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Our CCTV installation services include everything from supplying you with the CCTV system of your choosing that meets both your needs and your budget to installing and teaching you how to get the most out of your CCTV system. Do not attempt to install CCTV on your own. Call our professional CCTV installation professionals, the urban security guards.

Take high-quality CCTV installation at an affordable rates:

Installing a CCTV camera is one of the most critical things you can do to ensure the safety of your family or business. Unlike many other security features,Guest Posting CCTV serves to deter burglars, intruders, and other unwanted visitors to your home. Still, it may also be instrumental in apprehending and prosecuting anyone who has attempted to burgle your house.

We provide you the power to know what’s happening in your business or house 24 hours a day at urban security guards. Nothing is up for debate. You may review your irrefutable record as soon as an incident occurs and take action to ensure it never happens again.

Our CCTV Installations can provide any continuing security help you may require in London. Our customer connections are essential to us, and we strive to deliver seamless assistance and ultimate customer satisfaction. We not only employ the most advanced digital technology to provide you with the most satisfactory protection possible, but we also offer Bodyguard Services security and Construction site security services such as:

Events & clubs security
Construction site security & CCTV services
Security receptionist & concierge
Corporate & retail security
Void property & key holding response services
Car park security & mobile patrols
Despite being situated in London, we provide nationwide services at a low cost.

Our CCTV installation services include everything from supplying you with the CCTV system of your choosing that meets both your needs and your budget to installing and teaching you how to get the most out of your CCTV system. You feel peace after knowing that your property is in your protected hands.

Our CCTV installation serves to secure you and your employees or family, your property and merchandise, and maximize earnings by reducing theft losses. The latest monitoring systems allow you to monitor CCTV cameras and playback CCTV footage from anywhere globally with an internet connection on your mobile phone, desktop PC, or tablet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Get unique solutions from the best CCTV installers in London:

Guards in the city CCTV Installations have a lot of experience and knowledge. As your go-to urban security guard, CCTV Installations London offers a wide choice of security camera systems for residential and commercial establishments. We offer reasonable and cheap prices to suit any budget without sacrificing quality.

Using a network of professional installers, we specialize in installing CCTV Cameras for businesses and organizations around the UK. Our industry-experienced staff analyses your situation in-depth and recommends the best CCTV installation options that meet your needs and fit your budget. You may rely on us for a wide selection of security solutions, from indoor video surveillance to outdoor CCTV camera systems.

So, suppose you want to beef up your property security in the face of an upsurge in vandalism and burglaries due to the epidemic. In that case, the urban security guards can watch a vulnerable relative or your youngster while they are indoors. Our industry experts analyze your situation in-depth and recommend the best solution to your needs while staying within your budget.

The moment has come to invest in a reliable CCTV system. Urban security guards install modern, inexpensive, and top-of-the-line security CCTV cameras, providing the ideal options for securing both homes and businesses, no matter how large or small the property is.

Your local security company’s expertise is the urban security guards. In London and the surrounding areas, we design, install, and manage CCTV equipment in your home or business. We enjoy our superior quality, long-term client connections, and comprehensive CCTV camera solutions.

Get fantastic CCTV insulation services from the best professionals:

We are genuinely a one-stop company for the excellent protection of your business or residence. For your peace of mind, we can install, repair, and upgrade CCTV systems and provide maintenance packages.

With years of experience, our CCTV installers in London can offer nothing but the best service. Our excellent CCTV installers are completely qualified, experienced, and insured to install various CCTV camera systems. They always arrive with the appropriate tools for the job.

If you require a CCTV system, our professional CCTV installation will ensure that: At urban security guards, you’ve come to the proper location. We’ll set up the appropriate CCTV cameras and recording monitoring equipment for you. Our expert CCTV specialists will not install a system that is not appropriate for your requirements.

They will complete their work and install CCTV cameras in your home according to your preferences. CCTV cameras can be as apparent or as inconspicuous as you desire because the mere presence of CCTV cameras will deter most robbers and other potential invaders.

Cameras are safely positioned and aimed in the correct directions and at suitable targets. Your cameras must cover the regions that need to be protected so that no blind spots or unwanted reflections exist. Our professional CCTV installation professionals will ensure it.

Your budget is respected, and you receive the best CCTV installation possible. Regardless of how much you spend on your CCTV system or which type you choose, our professional CCTV installers will provide you with the best service possible.

The quality of a CCTV system is determined by how well it is installed. Why spend all that money on the right CCTV system for your purposes only to ruin it by attempting to install it yourself and having it fail to perform correctly?

Do not attempt to install CCTV on your own. Call our professional CCTV installation professionals, the urban security guards. They safely, securely, and with care advise you on the appropriate CCTV system for your needs. They’ll make sure it’s completely functional and protect you, your family, and your property.

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Confined Spaces – A Brief Guide to Working Safely

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This is a brief guide on working safely in confined spaces and explains the dangers related to confined space work, and the confined space laws and regulations. It describes what one can do in case of an emergency and the importance of safe systems of work to undertake the task securely and competently.

A confined space is a place that is sustainably enclosed and where serious injuries can occur from hazardous substances or conditions within the space or nearby (e.g.,Guest Posting lack of oxygen)

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Many people are killed or are severely injured while working in confined spaces every year in the UK. This happens in a wide range of industries from those involving complex to simple tasks. Those killed as a result of confined work include people working in confined spaces and those trying to help them without prior training and adequate equipment.

What is a Confined Space?
A confined space as explained earlier is any space with enclosed nature where there is a risk of death or serious health injuries. Some confined spaces are easy to identify. Such as:

Storage tanks
Reaction vessels
Enclosed drains
What are the Dangers of Confined Spaces?
When talking about confined space dangers, they are numerous and can occur due to various issues:

Lack of oxygen
Poisonous gas, fumes, or vapors
Liquids or gases that can suddenly fill space
Fires and explosions from flammable vapors or excessive oxygen
The residue left in tanks can give off fumes or vapors
Dust present in high concentrations
Hot conditions leading to an increase in temperature
What Does the Law Say?
According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, employers must conduct appropriate and sufficient risk assessments for all the activities to decide what measures can help control the risks and work safely.

This means identifying and assessing the hazards and risks of confined spaces and taking precautions accordingly to control and mitigate the risks.

In most cases your risk assessment must include:

Tasks to be carried out inside the confined spaces
The work environment including the actual confined space and the area around it
The tools and equipment to be used in confined spaces and methods of getting the equipment in confined areas and its suitability for the work environment
The suitability of those carrying out the task to ensure they are both physically and mentally fit to conduct such work
If a conduct risk assessment identifies confined space risks, then the Confined Space Regulations 1997 are implemented. Such regulations involve the key duties:

Avoid entry to the confined areas
If it is necessary to work in a confined space, then follow the proper safe system of work
Have in place proper emergency arrangements before the starting the work
Avoid Entering Confined Spaces
Employers must identify and analyses ways to see if their employees can work from outside of a confined space. Better work planning and an effective approach can help minimize the need for confined space entry.

If the situation is unavoidable and it is necessary to work from inside a confined area, then it is advisable to follow proper precautionary measures to undertake the confined space tasks.

Safe System of Work
It is essential to enter a confined area to conduct work, employers must ensure that their staff follows the proper safe system of work to lower the chance of any hazard or incident as much as possible.

Use the information from your risk assessment to identify the necessary precautions to take to mitigate the risks.

Everyone involved in the process must be adequately trained, instructed and guided to ensure they know how to work safely.

Is a Permit to Work Needed to Work in Confined Spaces?
Yes, a permit to work ensures that a formal check is undertaken to guarantee all the elements of the safe system of work are in place before individuals are allowed to enter confined areas to undertake the work.

Some prominent features of a permit to work are:

Clear identification of who may be suitable for work
Adequate instruction and guidance with regards to permit
Regular monitoring and auditing of the tasks to ensure work is undertaken carefully and safely
Confined Space Training
It is a legal duty of employers to give guidance, instruction and adequate confined space training to their staff to ensure they are following safe systems of work and are well aware of the nature of work and its related risks. Proper training ensures they are competent enough to carry out work safely, as well as help others around them in case of an emergency.

This article is a brief guide on working safely in confined spaces. It explains the dangers related to confined space work, and the confined space laws and regulations. It further describes what one can do in case of an emergency and the importance of safe systems of work to undertake the task securely and competently.

It is advisable to avoid confined spaces as much as possible and do the work outside of such areas, but if it is essential to work within then proper guidance and control measures must be followed to ensure workplace safety.

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The Impact of Employee Engagement on Productivity

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Several factors influence the productivity, revenue growth, and smoother functioning of a business organization. A significant factor among them is employee engagement. The impact of employee engagement is so relevant that it inspires the teams to make substantial progress and improvements that have a massive effect on the business’s bottom line.

In this article,Guest Posting we define employee engagement, discuss how employee engagement and productivity of an enterprise are linked and how they bring key business results.

The Definition of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a Human Resource (HR) development approach of a business organization that motivates employees to stay committed to their goals and put their best at work. Broadly, employee engagement productivity can be taken as how employees invest themselves in their job and put in their best effort to get the job done. More than anything else, engaged employees are more committed, motivated, and productive than their counterparts.

The Employee Engagement Impact on Productivity

Deadlines, company growth, and revenue statistics matter more to most business organizations than the level of employee engagement in their enterprise. As a result, they tend to miss the fact that employees’ enthusiasm is significant and engaged employees more productive. One motivated yet engaged employee can contribute more to business productivity than ten spiritless, disengaged employees.

Now let’s look at how employee engagement can positively impact your business.

The Relevance of The Impact of Employee Engagement

It is true that employee engagement impact on productivity, but it has a direct effect on the critical outcomes of a business organization as well. Employee engagement helps develop a dynamic and skilled workforce equipped to take the challenges ahead. More than that, the impact of employee engagement creates an interactive workplace packed with a happy and engaged workforce. An enthusiastic crew in an active workplace significantly helps brand building and makes the organization more inviting to job seekers.

Well, employee engagement impact on productivity, but it also comes with several other benefits. Here let’s take a glimpse at some of the significant benefits of undertaking employee engagement initiatives in a business organization.

Happy and Satisfied Workforce
Despite the linkage between employee engagement and productivity, the former is one of the fundamental ways to boost employees’ job satisfaction. Doubtlessly, engaged employees are more immersed in their job that they never consider it even a ‘job.’ This attitude bestows them with more happiness from their jobs than the disengaged employees.

The impact of employee engagement also creates a workplace filled with positive vibes. This positive ambiance boost employee productivity which in turn drives business success. When employees never hesitate to take up job responsibilities, they feel free to put extra effort into their work while improving their overall performance.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer is always the king in the world of business. Therefore, a customer-centric approach results from enhanced employee engagement and productivity. This also adds value to a business organization.

The impact of employee engagement plays a significant role in how a business treats its employees and how the workforce treats its customers. Happiness and readiness are the by-products of employee engagement. Therefore, happier and proactive employees tend to provide a better customer experience. When the customers are satisfied with a business’s products and services, it eventually leads to your business’ more outstanding success.

3. Employee Engagement Impact on Productivity and Innovation

Monotonous, repetitive tasks lead to disengagement and boredom in employees. When a business focuses on employee engagement and develops a friendly yet challenging workplace, engaged employees become more productive. Not only that, their approach towards work and goals turn into an innovative approach.

4. Improved Employee Retention and Talent Acquisition

The more an enterprise focuses on its employees’ job satisfaction, the more loyal the employees are to the enterprise. A recent Gallup research lists three factors (see below) attained by organizations with higher employee engagement.

1. They spend a decade or more in their companies

2. Their engagement levels are higher

3. Their innate talents align well with their jobs.

A business organization that focuses on employee engagement and productivity attracts better talent and can retain existing employees.

5. Employee Engagement Productivity Brings Lower Absenteeism

The level of absenteeism in an enterprise determines the extent of the impact of employee engagement. As a result, the higher the influence of employee engagement and productivity, the lower the absenteeism. It is because engaged employees care about what they do — the relevance of their contribution to the company’s growth. They also possess higher focus and efficiency.

Recent research reveals that engaged employees consistently turn up and engage in their work to contribute better to their work. The statistics from another research displays that employee engagement plays a significant role in determining absenteeism rates. The research also found that absenteeism was 37% higher in enterprises at the bottom 25% on employee engagement.

5. Improved Employee Productivity

Employee engagement and productivity are essential to any business. The more productive the workforce is, the more successful the company. According to Gallup, highly engaged teams in an enterprise are 21% more productive and have 28% less internal conflict than those with lower engagement.

Engaged employees bring innovation and are confident that they can do better at their job. In addition, being collaborative and enthusiastic at the workplace allows the employees to achieve their targets and goals more effectively, improving productivity.


Several pieces of research have shed light on the positive correlation between employee engagement and productivity. As a result, business organizations worldwide are investing heavily in employee engagement impact on productivity and reaping its benefits.

For the past several years, enterprises have realized the importance of employee engagement in the workplace. This realization compels them to kickstart employee engagement initiatives to increase employee productivity. Along with direct, face-to-face interactive programs, many business organizations deploy employee engagement applications and online games for the positive impact of employee engagement. All these initiatives can transform their workforce and enhance their overall performance.

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