Fantastic craft beer cocktails to try out during lockdown

Craft beer in London is a booming industry and it’s not hard to see why. Craft beers are made with quality ingredients, they’re often more flavourful than your average brew, and they come in a wide range of types that span every style you can imagine. With so many options out there in terms of flavour and aroma, like the Habesha Beer, what better way to celebrate the craft beer boom than by making your own tasty cocktails

Some fantastic and easy to make craft beer cocktails include:

The Moscow Mule – A classic that’s been popularized by high-end bars. The refreshing take on vodka cocktails made from craft beers instead of vodka, but with enhanced flavour from a mixture of ginger beer, lime juice and sugar. The Moscow Mule has its roots in Prohibition-era America when vodka was the only alcohol available to Americans who wanted a drink but couldn’t buy hard liquor legally so bartenders started mixing up this cocktail with ‘near beers’ like Falstaff that were brewed without hops or malt for flavour, which made them taste closer to water than an alcoholic beverage.

The Beer Mojito – The beer Mojito uses mint leaves and lime juice to give it an authentic mojito flavour. You may think of a beer mojito as being very unusual, but it’s worth a try.

The Michelada – This is another excellent choice for anyone who loves both beer and spicy food since it combines Mexican lager with fresh lemon or lime juice, prepared hot sauce like Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper in equal parts.
Cherry Lambic & Lychee Fizz Tonic – A fun twist on your usual Gin Tonics that you should absolutely give a go at least once to see how they compare. The cherry Lambic and lychee soda make up part of the beverage mix which is topped up with tonic water.

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