Lost Your Job? How About Small Business Marketing Consulting?

Did you know that losing your job may actually be good for you if it forces you to go out on your own by starting a small business marketing consulting venture. Most wealth creation experts point out that the single biggest mind virus which prevents people from achieving great wealth is their desire to land a job in some big company.

While this approach may pay for your daily needs, your income is limited to a fixed monthly paycheck while committing most of your time to a single employer. Worse, your life seems to depend on just one source of income which you may lose when the company you work for goes down, reorganizes, cuts cost or simply decides to let you go.

Advantages of small business consulting

Low initial capital

The single biggest deterrent to starting a business is lack of capital, but not if you start small and deliver a service for a fee. Former employees who are affected by company downsizing, along with retirees who stepped off the corporate ladder possess valuable know-how and experience that other people need.

All you need to set-up a small business marketing consulting service is a couple of contacts, referrals, a phone and a computer with an internet connection. You can keep your overheads low by working from home.

Pre-paid work

As a consultant, you get paid in cash before you even start to work for a client. With a pre-paid service, you won’t experience the usual headaches that accompany chasing overdue accounts and avoid wasting valuable time on an account that turns out to be non-paying.

Being your own boss

While you will still need to spend some time working as a consultant, you have the freedom to choose your hours of work, how you spend your time and where you work. Working mothers and those with multiple clients and businesses find this set up extremely advantageous.

You decide when to work and when to take a break without counting how much vacation time you have left. Being your own boss, however, still requires discipline in order to manage your time and remain efficient.

Recurring monthly income

Consulting creates multiple and recurring income streams. Unlike most sales activities, small business marketing consulting brings in a recurring monthly income for as long as your client needs you. You make your consultancy sales pitch once and you collect a monthly regular fee afterward.

You don’t need to be employed forever to earn a steady income or to become rich. Losing a job or retiring from it should not mean the end of the road for you. By embarking on small business marketing consulting work, it is possible to earn much more than what your previous employers paid for your skills.

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